Sometimes our life's joy is hidden by the fog. 



KMG provides caring and compassionate professionals to support your mental health needs.  Our goal is to help our clients live life to their fullest potential. Sometimes we need a little help along the way.

Clinic Services

KM Group provides the following forms of therapy:


  • Men, Women and Child Based Therapy

  • Self Esteem and Identity Based Therapy

  • Relationship and Family Therapy

  • Marriage Counseling 

  • Career & Work-life Balance Counseling 

  • Trauma Based Therapy 

  • And many other services See more >>

Testing & Assessment Services 

Services range based upon specific need:


  • School Assessment

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Career Assessments 

  • Court Directed Care: Batterer's Intervention Program 

  • Anger Management 

  • And many other options See more >>

COVID-19 UPDATE: As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, the safety and well‑being of our patients and staff remains our top priority. We are open and providing services to our new and existing patients.  Because we understand that some of our patients are home bound we are now in addition offering telehealth services to meet their needs.  If you desire to schedule an appointment please contact us at 314-956-0547 for further instructions.  Thank you.

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