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Courtney L. Luster, LPC



As a practicing clinician, Ms. Luster specializes in behavior modification, crisis intervention, and treatment of patients with substance abuse histories.  Courtney focuses on Men, Women, and Children's Health Issues as well as Family Dynamics. 


Courtney has published works on family integration dynamics: Fur Cubs Presents: First Day of School (2009), Never Would Have Made It: A Testimony of What God Has Done In My Life (2008), and Stop Hiding from Yourself (2010).


Courtney developed her practice under the direction of Kenneth McCain in St. Louis, Missouri and received her degrees from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and Lindenwood University in St. Louis.  She is licensed by the State-of-Missouri as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Play Therapist.


Please contact Courtney at 314-956-0547.

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