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Aisha L. Gilliam, LPC

As a practicing clinician, Mrs. Gilliam specializes in a wide range of concerns including anxiety/depression, grief/loss, self-esteem, chronic illnesses, relationship issues, substance abuse, ADHD, school/career, and life issues.  


Aisha focuses on Women and Children's Health Issues, Child (adolescent females 12-18 years of age) Therapy, Chronic Illnesses, and Anxiety/Depression.  Aisha is also certified in Cross Categorical Disabilities and as a Psychological Examiner by the State of Missouri (Grades K-12). 


Aisha has worked in the pediatric health care setting to support youth/adolescents with disabilities and their families to navigate the educational system. She has experience in Post-Secondary Transition, Special Education Law, Individualized Education Plans, and Section 504.


Aisha developed her practice under the direction of Kenneth McCain in St. Louis, Missouri, and received her degrees from Missouri Baptist University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis in St. Louis. 


Please contact Mrs. Gilliam at (314) 956-0547

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